Ppv idea on how it could work

How to make ppv buys work for the game. First by adding popularity on every fighter. How would popularity grow? based on fight buzz, wins to losses ratio, KO to pts win ratio, KO to pts losses ratio. Popular fighters can then enter a contract negotiations with ppv percentage( have two options- one where fighter gets that same percentage for every ppv fight - or to negotiate ppv percentage for every ppv fight) and when making a fight worth the ppv also entering a negotiation with opposing fighter for that fight. This can also add benefit to spending more money by advertising or signing a tv ( maybe making your own streaming service ) deal where ppv take place, venues. Would not expect this to be on mobile was thinking more of the pc version if there will ever be one. Pros & Cons: a pro would be more depth to the game and a con would be a lot of coding and may take a lot more data.

On another note why wasn’t shifting down fighters weight added I remember on the older game we where able to do that?


We have a major update coming in “not too long” that includes much of this as well as shows, followers/popularity, venues, relationships, more matchmaking tools, much better navigation, scouts (we think), title rewrite and more :wink:

On moving weights down. Don’t think we have ever done that have we? It’s now been so long that one forgets but don’t think we ever had moving down.

Thanks for your mail.

PPv sounds a cool idea. But should be saved for elite fighters rather than just champions. Not all champions are created equally.

Not sure about moving down in weight. I only think it works to return to a previous weight class if you’re too small for the above weight. Like going up in weight to fight the champion but then returning back to your original weight after the fight.

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We do get a lot of requests for this and we will look at this but it’s really going to be only in exceptional circumstances.

I think moving down in weight should be limited to champions only. You don’t have to vacate your belts in one weight class to move up and go for titles in the next class up. Or maybe, for the sake of the game world moving forward, you are allowed to retain one belt in a lower weight class and vacate the others (if you are a unified champ), but inactivity over a certain amount of time will automatically force you to vacate.

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