PPV/Stable shows

Hi there,

Was just wondering if there was any plans to be able to host your own show where you can match, say 8 of your fighters in various level fights, like how boxing is today.

Maybe include being able to hire a venue with set capacities, some form of promotion, even maybe a PPV model?


Yes it is. Very much so.

We keep our plans for the future relatively close to our chests.

However, in this case we are pretty much certain that we will be adding shows, venues and a whole revision of the game economics (fight and fighter contracts) to make the game wholly realistic in that area. This will come in the first part of the year as well as some other features which people have been asking for now for a long time ;).

We are also bringing the game to other platforms with the first of those being Android and PC but more of that when we have firm dates and things for people to look at (that work) :slight_smile:

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oh wow, pc would be brilliant. Any plans for console release down the line? and a game engine for fights?