Preferred Title Orgs

Do you edit your titles? If so, who do you use?

Do you have a preferred title to go for? I’d love to fight for the Lonsdale belt. Probably too much to give national titles!

WBC, WBA and IBF in that order. As that’s traditionally the most prestigious. Although WBC are doing a good job of tarnishing that! They are also colour coded in that order. WBC in green etc… I think most on the forum have it in that order.

Yeah a Uk Lonsdale belt would be cool. Win it 3 times and they keep it beside there name…

I use the WBC/WBA/IBF, but unsure with the regional, other than the EBU

Here is the others:

North American Boxing Council- NABC
Americas Boxing Organisation - ABO
Pan Asian Boxing Union - PABU
African Boxing Federation - ABF

At least I think that’s the correct names. That’s what I have anyway :joy:

I have
North Americana Boxing Association - NABA
South American Boxing Federation - FESUBOX
European Boxing Union - EBU
Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation - OPBF
African Boxing Union - ABU

The North American one is strange. There seems to be loads of different ones affiliated with different world federations.

The others are easier to find on the internet.

Looking further into it, it looks like the American one should be NABF as that’s the one that’s affiliated with WBC. Don’t suppose it really matters at the end of the day though.

That’s good to know, like to make things as realistic as possible!

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The regional titles are a nightmare in terms of naming and what the actual regions are…