Professional career

Started My professional career at 22 and now 37 and I’ve earned 1.3 billion dollars in my career and I’m still undefeated with 52 fights and 33 title fights quite a good career I say


the 2nd best fighter I’ve seen so far in the game besides that 75-0 guy someone posted haha good work!!!

Well let’s see if I can go past 75-0 only time will time

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We so need those in-game achievements :wink: 2022 for that alas…

So I’ve got 3 or 4 titles are next to it it says on valued at 100 million I’m like 40 years old this should not be happening


You did it lmao that’s crazy lmao

Yeah I’m Close to 90 wins with 1 lose

Just made a video about my fighter reaching 50-0…

Let’s see how far I can go with him.


I’ve watched your video and liked it keep it up I’m still surprised that my professional career on the game has got to 92-1

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This is cool:):slight_smile:

Nice video

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Good stuff mate :sunglasses: