Programming and App Making

Excuse my ignorance and lack of knowledge of this area…but I wondered how does one go about making a game like this? I have almost no knowledge of programming (I did a bit of HTML about 18 years ago).

Maybe as a hobby I’d like to make a management or tycoon game one day. A bit ambitious as I have no experience - but if I knew where to start I could at least read about it.

How would I start if I wanted to make a game like this (a kind of management game) for an iPhone or PC? Is Boxing Manager made using a software package?

Don’t worry - I’m about 100 years away from making anything good enough to compete with Boxing Manager!

For an iPhone/iPad etc then to make it “native” (which is what we do) then the only real choice of software is Xcode. BM and WTBM were both built exclusively in Xcode and using the language Swift.

If we were going to make a PC version (as we may well be :)) then the options are more numerous. In that instance we may well go with using an application called Unity3d.

Hope that helps! Please make something to compete with us :slight_smile: Any decent competitor just makes the market bigger and all the games improve at a greater rate.

That’s interesting. Thanks. It is not something that I’ve ever done before , but I’ve been inspired by reading how you are developing this game. The process of making a game like this sounds really interesting.
Maybe one day!

Today’s the day!

If you have even the basic idea then getting in and making and learning is a great way both to learn and play as you go along…