Question about Fitness & Match Frequency


New player here, picked up the game for $0.99 over Holidays (what a steal!). Loving it so far. I’m 54 weeks into my first game and so far 16-4-2 with 4 fighters. I think I’ve got a good grasp on most features and how the game works (Football Manager vet), but just a couple questions I couldn’t quite find answer to/I might have overlooked and will bug me if I don’t get some clarity :smiley:

1). When does fitness dip below 100 for a fight? Is it if you acquire injuries during camp? Boxer has more proportional damage and can’t recover/train as well as he used to? Really increased fight camp effort (Like 120%)? I’ve always had 100 fitness on fight night.

2). Is there a sweet spot for how many fights a fighter should do a year? Do you just “Make Fight” always after immediately after a win? The moment someone recovers from injury/does their time after losing?

3). Even after you win a fight and have really high fitness, is there any benefit to let your fighter just train for a few weeks or a month before scheduling another fight? Or should the goal be to fight as many favorable fights as possible in the first few years since there are so many options?

Relevant note
-I’ve always kept fight camp effort between 100-105% on chance I can squeeze an attribute with minimal increase. Too scared to risk injury so far haha.

Thanks for taking time to read, I look forward to joining the community!

  1. I actually don’t know. Never really thought about it.

  2. No real “sweet spot.” I’ve always tried to get my fighters into the most fights as possible at the prospect level. Wait for rankings to update (every 4 weeks) before booking fights. You’ll get fighters with better rankings that way, and your fighters will advance rankings quicker.

  3. Again, the best course of action is to wait for booking fights after rankings updates. It’ll give you the best possible options for fights in terms of favorable rankings. For your ranked fighters (top 15 or so), if there are no options for fighters who’re higher ranked than you are, then wait and check week-by-week. Better to wait and make a good fight for your fighter than to make him “stay busy” against a guy who won’t advance his career. Unless, of course, he demands a match be made, in which case just look for the best option and book that.

Hope those help, and welcome to the community

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Makes sense! Waiting for rankings to update and also waiting for a more favorable opponent to show up would naturally let your fighter train more between fights anyway so I guess nothing to fret about. Probably just me overthinking the perfect way to develop.

I’m sure I’ll have a better idea on fitness the more I play. Can’t expect to know how all nuances work after a couple hours in the game.

Appreciate you taking time to answer!

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After each fight, the fighters fitness will be low. You should wait a couple of weeks for the fitness level come back to normal. And when scheduling another fight, choose a fight that is scheduled for 6-8 weeks from then instead of 4 in order for the fighter to get back to 100% fitness.

When possible try to choose a fight, and think whats best for the fighter and his longevity. If you give too much fights to your fighter, by time, the chin and take punishment ratings will get low.

When choosing an opponent, try to fight an opponent that has a low ring generalship, chin, take punishment, power and aggression. Most important of all is the ring generalship. If your opponent has a significantly higher ring generalship than your fighter, it is likely that you’ll lose the fight.

Hope this helps! Speaking from experience!

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Appreciate the response! I am 4 years into my first run and honestly Fitness is still confusing to me. Even with 4 week fights scheduled I haven’t started one fight below 100 fitness. Either I’m just naturally doing a good job or I haven’t run into scenarios yet. Or my fighters just have solid conditioning. Does older age and damage over time affect fitness later on?

Great advice on strategically choosing fights for long term benefit of fighter. Will keep that in mind.