Question About Restarting!

i’ve had my file for some time now, haven’t been able to get much talent and i want to restart and get the feeling of being an upcoming promoter again. especially with the tips help i’ve been reading/getting since being in here. now my question is, i’ve invested 10 million in this save when i spent 5.99… if i restart will i get that 10 mil again???

Alas no . It will be a complete reset.

oh man for sure! i’m stuck because i haven’t been able to find much talent and i’m sitting at the most money i’ve ever gotten in this game at 24.5 mil… i might just have to risk it and hope i’ll earn it again🤦‍♂️

Are none of your starting boxers upto much? You really need at least one with the potential to win titles. Once you get a title you get offered novices from your region, not just your country.

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Picking two to three good un’s at the start is so key.

This week is the week of making the Top 10 tips video or similar :slight_smile:

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That’s a good idea. I will expect a credit at the end of it :joy::joy:

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Was going to get you to write it;)

:joy::joy: Ha I’m good at the game but I’m sure the creators have way more tips up there sleeves.

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Don’t be worried about doing restart. Done loads and always get a future champ. Might take you half hour or so doing multiple restarts till you get a future champ but go for it.