Question for I.m (or anyone who knows)

In a post during week or last week. There was talk in growth and using x.p.
Iron Mike said in a reply something about growing boxers steadily. So what difference does it make growing slowly compared to fast?

We will (try to remember to) answer this after the weekend.:grinning:

Don’t worry about forgetting pal. I will keep reminding you. :joy:

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Tempted to say that it’s the weekend again :wink:

However, in a nutshell the way it works is on this principle…

If you have no Potential then there is no potential to improve or change. Thus nothing can change. If you have remaining Potential then there is the potential for any attribute to potentially be improved. This includes Potential. Thus if Potential is remaining then there is the greater potential for Potential to improve. If there is no Potential then is no potential for Potential to improve.


Is this likely to stay like this or is there a new idea in the pipeline for managing potential / improving fighters?

Someone made a bet with you on how many times you can say potential in 1 post? :joy:

As you know we constantly iterate and improve based on game data and our player feedback.
Plus when something new comes along that’s simply a better idea…

We’re always looking for new and better ways to improve the game so do contract us if you have any :wink:

It sounds like you’re saying you can use potential to create more potential?

Having potential, to be able to increase potential further, to then improve skills further…I get it (unless I’ve misinterpreted).

I’d probably prefer it if potential was unchangeable.

Inactivity, motivation, trainer ability could
all affect how stats go up and down. But they are capped for each fighter.

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I certainly don’t mind the existing system at all, but since you asked for new ideas, here’s one: get rid of potential points and let us develop fighters until they reach a certain age. That age could be different for every fighter, perhaps determined by their dedication. It could also be affected by the success they’re having…a fighter who wins a world title and becomes a multimillionaire might not be as motivated to keep improving as somebody who’s still trying to get there, even if they’re the same age and have the same level of dedication. Maybe they get more motivated again after losing the title and blowing all the money. Maybe it gradually slows over time as they age(reflected by it costing more XP to improve as they age?) instead of just coming to a sudden stop one day.

Just a thought.


Interesting idea. I think that sounds good.

Sure we get that still requires a “value” behind it or maybe even two or three.

We get the principle. It’s not that different to be honest. Just a question of how it’s displays and explained in game…

And thanks for the comments and suggestions. We love them. :slight_smile:

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