Questions about contracts and weeks

New to this game, although I love this game I’m absolutely clueless to the mechanics.

  1. How do I know if the contract I have with a fighter is “good”? I don’t understand the contract details and whether it is a good contract

  2. How do I see what week I’m in? I’m on iPhone and it tells me what date it is but I’ve heard to schedule fights once rankings update but I can’t see what week I’m in, so I don’t know when the rankings will update (all I know is they update every 4 weeks)

Wouldn’t worry too much about contracts mate, you play your save long enough, you’ll never have money problems. If you like the fighter, just always make sure that contracts active.

If you would prefer to see week numbers instead of calendar date so you can track it a bit easier if you are counting weeks, it’s easily changeable in options

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