Quick new feature ideas

A couple of new features that personally I think should be in the game.

  1. Bring back the ability to sign champions eg fighters who are 28-0, they used to have this feature. No idea why they got rid of it as it was a very very realistic feature once you had reached a certain reputation. If you’re trying to make this game a certain difficulty then perhaps utilise it on the separate easy mode difficulty. The most successful boxing managers doesn’t just sign fighters that are 0-0 to 2-0, they also sign world champions/contenders.
  2. I can understand why they got rid of the feature that fighters in the same gym fighting each other, but it could be made an option, or just available on the easy mode
  3. Defo should have the option of quick sim. Normal sim flashing lights can actually really hurt and strain the eyes.
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I agree. Also I think it would be cool to to have a little more undefeated fighters in the game. They don’t have to be superstars but there are many undefeated fighters in real life and it makes for good matchups and looks better.

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