Quickest Champ?

I managed to make it to 10-0 with a world title anyone beating that?



Can’t wait to get the new version out there.

Also need to fix those button labels (what device you using Mugginz?)!!! But let’s not dwell on that for the moment. :slight_smile:

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I use a IPhone 8 mate don’t know what you mean by button labels?

Quicker than Iv ever managed. Well done! Loving that he is a Scot.

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Never got anywhere near that pal. Impressive. :+1:

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Far too many Scots getting in to my stable. Ruining my game. :joy:.

I would happily swap you my English heavyweight champion for some good Scots :joy:. Not had any good ones in my current game.

I never sign English Fighters everyone else is up for grabs but if he’s English am leaving him :joy:

No need for this anti English behaviour. Beginning to wonder if we have done some bad things in the past? :thinking:

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I have a fighter that became champ in his 4th fight I’ll try find it now

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It was his 5th fight

Damn what’s his stats

Wow that’s some achievement😂 what’s his stats like and what weight pal?

I take it you matched him against one of your own stables boxers who had a high rating? Iv done this but never been able to get a title shot so early. That’s before your man even got past his 8 round fights. Crazy!

That was what we were assuming. Still shouldn’t have been able to make it past the logic :wink: We’ll sort that don’t worry :slight_smile: Wretched fights between your own fighters. Always thought that was wrong. Maybe one of the world titles organisations will outlaw it soon…:wink:

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That’s his stats and yeah I fully agree with fighters not being able to fight each other unless the guy is mandatory for a title shot I think it’ll help when they’ll be more titles so it won’t be a drag building your fighter through the rankings and earning belts

It is a bit daft I agree, considering they will have the same trainer :joy:. Perhaps they could only fight each other if they belonged to a different gym.

Yeah like maybe having to let go one of the fighters to have the fight or having another gym and be able to swap him to that gym

We put it in as a few people asked for it.
We spent some time last night looking at the abuse and how to “penalise” when a manager does this and it clearly advantages one boxer over another.