Quickest World Champion EVER?

So originally, I had Alexander Povetkin turn pro and at 3-0 he got a shot at the Heavyweight Champ, Roman Komarenko. He won making him World Champion in just his 4th fight.

He then Unified for Undisputed against 33-0-0 Pedro Lawrence making him a 5-0-0 Undisputed Heavyweight King.

I’ve now just had Muhammad Ali, Olympic Gold Medalist turn pro. In just his 3rd fight he was offered a title shot against 21-1-1 Italian king Aldo Cortenesi.

Has anyone had quicker than a 3-0-0 world champion or 5-0-0 undisputed?

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Just got my fastest champ. Not as quick as yours but still quick. When looking for a fight (3rd fight) the champ was showing as possible opponent but his promo company wouldn’t take the fight.