Rank after vacating

Hi guys,
Just a thought, when vacating a title, why do you drop to somewhere around the 60th mark?
I had a unified champ, vacated one belt and then lost the others the next fight - ended up taking 6/7 fights to get back in the mix.
Surely if you dropped a belt you should still be top 10 at least?

I feel it’s pretty realistic to be honest. Not the ranking as such, but how long it takes to get a title shot again. That ranking just ensures you don’t get a title shot right away.

Is it better to move up in class instead of just vacating?

Generally yes. But best to time it properly. Make sure a title fight will be available. You will normally get a title shot for any fed you held a belt with. I say normally as it’s not guaranteed :blush:. If you move up as a champion but hold a terrible ranking with another federation they may not give you the shot.

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I already had a fight booked with a unified champ the division above so moving him up was pointless at that time.

I can see that, and it does make sense, but if he lost the fight with all 4 belts, having held them a while, it would have been a rematch - which would be realistic still

Key is not to lose the next fight after you vacate :joy:. Only takes a fight or 2 to get top 3 again when champion.

Hey it’s a lot easier in the game than it is irl to get a title shot. Look at it as one of the weird quirks of boxing! Of which there are many.


I’ll give you that one :joy:

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Yeah but the rematch only really works in game for undisputed. Otherwise it would take for ever to get a title shot as every big fight would have rematch clauses.

Just work your way back up my man. Even took Mohammad Ali years to win his belts back :sunglasses:

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Mate I’ve been close to throwing my phone at a wall when my fav boxer loses his titles haha. Game sucks you in. But it’s creating your own storyline winning the titles back. Quickly forget about the previous rage lol


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Thought you might like an update on this feel… the pain!

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