Rankings and title query

So I had a boxer and when he won all three Championships I couldn’t schedule a fight for him for 30 weeks or more and I still can get a fight through and I kept on checking the Rankings and then I had a message pop-up on the news tab saying he was taking me to court and then I lost the fighter i’m not sure it’s a bugger not with a ranking system but maybe put it to where the fighters will fight more frequently then having 30 or more weeks off and a high possibility of been taken to court I really like the game it’s just when you had a fighter and you built him up over his career then to finally losing because of the ranking system it can be Annoying

The challenger needs to meet all the different federations requirements for a title fight. So someone will have to be top 2, top 3 and top 5 in each federation respectively. If no one meets these requirements then you will need to vacate a belt to a get a fight. Not a bug, just the way the game is designed :sunglasses:

Ok thanks for the tip

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I think it would be a good if we could defend 1 or 2 belts without having to vacate others just because you do get quite a lot of long stints with having no challenger ranked highly enough in all 3. I’m forever vacating belts to get fights

I personally think the rankings just need tweaked a little. Top 3, 5 and 7 would create a lot more undisputed opportunities. Not sure I like the idea of only defending some belts. Means you lose but are still champion. That would be too easy and subject to abuse.

I can see why they have made it how it is though. Belts do get dropped quite often in order to make fights. Josh Warrington recently an example (though not undisputed obviously).