Read it and find out

Yo this game went from being one of the greats to im wasting money now. I’m not sure what updates or changes have been made. None of my son boxers want to fight for me They are literally just trying to leave and they keep losing because they are not happy. Wtf. I can’t use xp points that I’m paying for like I want to anymore because of this manager points thing. How am I suppose to earn points if they keep losing???. Every time I log out, I have to remind the game I already bought the 16 weight extension pack and that makes it where every fighter in the pack sf,sl, sw, sm, etc has to wait for weeks to be ranked ALL OVER AGAIN. This game is becoming trash real quick. All because I went from one device to another. My phone broke so I already had to start over on my new phone and these are the results. I’m not spending no more money on this game. Unless something gets fixed. Very frustrating.

Hold on! Stay calm please.

No updates have been made for the past couple of months and not for a very long time that would have resulted in any changes like you’re expressing.

We will look at the pack restore thing. This does seem to happen with some purchases. We will DM you about this.