Real world database?

Would be amazing to start the game in the real world. Even if you aren’t allowed to use actual fighters names, surely changing names slightly is allowed. I have seen this in unlicensed wwe games

This has been chatted about loads on here. Sure it’s something that we will see eventually. There are obvious license issues. An editor and being able to download gamesworlds seems like the easiest legal wise. But then that’s guess work, really not sure the legal ramifications. I know WWE has downloadable user creations. But they are a billion pound company so can basically do what they like.

Very true mate. Custom databases I think would work but probably easier on a pc/laptop game which can be modded etc. Through steam

It’s definitely something that’s planned. If you search for ‘editor’ in the search bar you will be able to read earlier discussions on it. It’s been brought up loads.

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