Regional and other titles

Titles are the focus of our next large piece of work. (As long promised)

That means both incrementally improving the existing titles functionality and adding new ones.

Whilst we design and implement these new features we are keen to hear player views on titles in general.

BM Team


Excellent, been looking forward to regional titles. Look forward to this.

Looking forward to this. Regarding titles I would like match making changed for the world titles though. If there’s a guy who is available that is ranked high enough for all 3 then they should get priority but if there isn’t anyone at all rather than having to vacate a belt to get an opponent why can’t you fight with only the belts the opponent is ranked for on the line

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I like the principle of the rule for titles challengers, as it means belts get vacated in the game world as well. But I think it needs adjusted as it’s too difficult to get undisputed fights. I suggested changing it to top 5, 7 and 10. Not sure I would totally remove it though.

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Yeah I agree I’ll be lucky to get 1 unification fight in about 15 weeks of waiting

See to us that seems generous. :grinning:

We’ve tried to balance the “Undisputed title” element as actually being a meaningful and rare achievement rather than a Right :wink:

Offering managers more feedback as to what is happening is key here. As ever we take the feedback and the masses of data and incrementally improve from that basis.

I think the problem is that it’s relatively easy to get undisputed but incredibly difficult to defend it. In the real world it’s the other way around. It’s a fine line between adjusting and making it too easy again though.


And that is a very well made point.

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I think making it harder would be fine if there was more to achieve before the undisputed belt. Right now it’s kind of like champion or bust

We agree that more achievements in general are needed. Regional and other titles will provide that but we have some other things we’re busy adding and testing.

We also believe that enhancing/optimising the news is important to help with the general sense of progression and narrative in each game world.

Lots to come in coming weeks :wink: