Regional rankings and poll: Please vote!

Whilst we work away on our new titles update one thing we thought we would signal to players here is that with regional titles most likely comes regional rankings.

Since the inception of WTBM we have worked with just the one type of rankings, ie world rankings.

In order to create more game progression, involvement and achievement on a fighter by fighter basis we are currently testing a change whereby the world rankings contain just the top 40-50 fighters in the world per weight.

All other fighters have a regional ranking from the start of their career.

A world ranking is given for when they reach that stage of their career or if/when they reach an achievement, most obviously, winning a regional title which guarantees a world ranking and depending on belt, region world title shot or a very high automatic world ranking.

As ever we are interested in your views.


Time for a POLL!

What level does a fighter have to reach to get a world ranking (assuming of course that they already have the new regional ranking)?

  • Top 10
  • Top 20
  • Top 30
  • Top 40
  • Top 50
  • Top 100

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I change my mind to top 50

What was it previously? (Out of interest)
We are keen for player views on this.
It’s a big change as we are playing it and want to get it right;)

Iv went with 30 but think 20 would work as well. Usually after winning European/commonwealth a boxer will fight for a World title within 2 - 4 fights. Taylor, Saunders, Smith, Fury examples of this (just looking at current uk champions). So a ranking of top 30 or 20 sounds about right to me.

It was originally 100 but I think that’s too much

Thanks for the comments.

Our plan as we move to regional (and other) titles is to first release the new rankings set up as we have described previously where a world ranking is earned not given from the start.

With the regional titles we will connect them via mandatory world title challenges etc for those winning regional titles and/or guaranteed high places in world rankings etc.

Really interested to see how this one works out. It’s a complicated update for sure.

Is the plan to have just main regional federations or a bit deeper? UK is a bit of a unique one as the UK title is just as prestigious as the European. Probably because of the sought after Lonsdale belt.

It’s going to be very cool but complicated in that we want to make sure it’s got a few bells and whistles that we want to go with it…
The aim is to get titles all the way down to national level and in some cases beyond that (Area titles anyone…? :slight_smile: ) For that to happen however and we will need to make the game size significantly larger than it is at present. We know where it sits in our development strategy so merely a question of working our way through in the sequence that makes sense.