Rematch clauses

How come I do not have an option for a rematch clause? It’s been a while since I played the game has much changed ?

The rematch clause doesn’t really exist as such to be honest. Well not when you lose. (When you beat a fighter in a title fight you can often rematch them if they are not injured).

But when you lose the option is rarely there. It sometimes is if your undisputed, but even then normally only if you have had a few defences.

Great boxer by the way. But those low chin and on the canvas stats are a killer together.

Always has been the pitfall, every fight has to be picked carefully normally someone with lower power and punch resistance otherwise it always a 50-50

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Indeed mate. It’s kind of fighting a losing battle. As one knockout and the stats take a further hit.

More detailed contract negotiations are in the pipeline I hope. Would love to negotiate more details, including rematch clauses.

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