Rematch in the game

Does anyone know to use the rematch feature?

When you arrange the next fight the guy you beat should just be available to select (if not injured).

I’m not 100% sure how it’s working out when you lose as Iv had situations where I can’t get the rematch.

Exactly my guy just lost and I want to have a rematch but I can’t find the person that beat him

Find them in the rankings and keep an eye on them. I.e. have they got a fight currently scheduled? Are they injured? Are they within your reach in the rankings? If you’ve already taken this into consideration my apologies. I usually find them in the rankings within a few weeks but maybe you mean an immediate rematch within a week or 2? Not sure about that buddy.

It seems rematches only work if you won the fight which is a shame. I’ve tested this many times. Be good if the rematch feature worked both ways please devs :slight_smile:

Yes that’s the way it works at present. Thinking being that without a special Rematch clause function(…) then the challenger has no real right to ask for the rematch. Two things on our roadmap that address this are a/ the clause and b/ offers being made to managers for fights. And for those that care b/ is ahead of a/ in our worklist :wink: