Reoccurring bugs that I keep noticing

Hey there just gonna report some bugs

  • For some reason when you win the Ring Mag Title you can’t defend against the number 1/2 ranked fighters however other fighters can.

  • When moving up weight sometimes 1 title defence will be removed from the Titles page. For example if my fighter defends his title 10 times and moves up weight it for some reason will say 9 title defences

  • Sometimes on the growth page you can find if you click on a fighter, when you use XP to boost a fighters stat when you return to the page it’s can say -1 Remaining Potential. (Happens rarely and only when potential is low)

  • Not to sure if this is a bug or apart of the game, but when you create a new game your able to sign new fighters but when you go back and create a new game with the same world new fighters are offered to you that weren’t there before.(usually over the age of 23).

Thanks for listening if I missed some bug that been annoying you be sure to note it down here we all just wanna keep improving this amazing game.

There’s two that I see a lot:

Multiple regional champions
(FWIW don’t click the ‘Fix multiple champions’ button to try and solve this - it made all undisputed and multiple belt holders single champions and TBH ruined my 12 year game world :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I guess the clue was in the button name, and it does specifically say don’t click on it unless advised by BM support :man_facepalming: :rofl:)

Commentary speed is always on the fastest setting for the first fight of a session, regardless of what the speed is supposed to be

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Had that one to mate can be annoying

This is a helpful little list. We get so obsessed with building new things that we accept that some of the older bugs/issues can get stuck in the not fixed. For that we apologise :slight_smile:

Given the scale of the next release we will endeavour to go through this list.

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