Result? Wilder Vs Fury

  • Wilder Wins by KO
  • Wilder Wins on Pts
  • Fury Wins by KO
  • Fury Wins on Pts
  • Draw

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This might be an unusual opinion, but I think Wilder will KO Fury in the 8th or 9th.

It’s clear he had almost enough to knock him cold with a single punch in the first so wouldn’t discount that.

Really hope he doesn’t though. :slight_smile: Rarely fans but we are fans (of sorts) of Fury.

Well what a fight that ended up being. The fight no one wanted ended up being one of the best of a generation. Respect to Wilder. He took some beating in the end. A shame he is such a bad loser but hey, easy to judge when your not getting punched in the face by Tyson :joy:

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Just watched it again.

Historic level stuff :slight_smile:

Haha. I have just watched it again.fight ended about 5 mins ago. Haha

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Must admit Iv watched it a few times. That final knockout! Damn!

Always good to see a finish as conclusive as that one. :slight_smile:
The guy got beaten to a pulp.

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I have given wilder some crap over years but I have to admit he has a better chin and more heart than I gave him credit for. He ate some big punches and had jelly legs for last 8 rounds.

Chin 19
On the canvas 16-17

Haha Iv actually had Wilders BM stats in my head over the weekend :joy:

Ring Generalship 11
Aggression 20
Punch Power 20
Punch Accuracy 15
Defensive skills: 12
Stamina 5

One you avoid in game :joy:


Very generous with defense and ring generalship. I’d put them much lower.
Either way, wouldn’t be in my gym.

I think Fury was out of shape, slow and nowhere near as good as he was in the first two fights. If Wilder was an elite heavyweight, or if he could box, I think he would have exploited Fury. But the guy can’t box and hasn’t used his jab for so long (because he has been so good at knockouts) I think he has forgotten how to use it. Looked like an amateur.

However, I still think Wilder beats AJ!

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Yeah my defence might be a bit generous. Ring Generalship is about right I think though. He still sets up and lands that right.

Wilder v AJ is a great fight. Don’t think AJ is getting up from those hits.

Usyk Vs Fury is one I’m looking forward to (if it ever happens).

I’d be very surprised if AJ beats Usyk in the rematch, or if Fury loses to Whyte.

Just putting this out there. They say styles make fights… am I only one who thinks fury usyk might be a bit of a boring fight? I Think fury would be as elusive as usyk and do just enough to win. Massive fan of both and am not dissing either fighter.
(Boring maybe a bit harsh) rephrase it as very technical fight. Haha.

I’m not convinced we ever see Usyk Fury. Has to fight Whyte next. I think Usyk beats AJ again. Then I can see Fury v AJ for the WBC instead of an undisputed fight. Then possibly retire. Who knows though eh.

One thing I can see is Fury retiring and then coming back in his 40s to fight whoever is the main man at that time.

By the way @DDD and @Tony82, can’t believe 2 long time posters like you don’t have a profile pic. Tsk, get it sorted…. :joy:

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Possible I suppose. Maybe the unpredictability is what helps make boxing great but also frustrating. I can’t imagine AJ beating Fury.
Usyk on the other hand, I think has something about him that could always surprise - and I’d be curious to see how he handles Fury.

Ha, ha…I’ll sort out a picture eventually.

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How’s that for you pal.

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