Retirement system

@IronMike just wondering when we can see the retirement update so we can retire our fighters I also would like to say in the update maybe after retiring a fighter we can bring them back out of retirement depending if they want to come out of retirement so like a 2 fight contract and if they want to keep going they can sign a 7 foot contract and maybe we can see the fighters opinion so it would say considering retiring soon and then we can sign say a 3 fight contract For the retirement

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Always an interesting topic.

We do agree that the retirement system needs an update to make it more realistic and interesting.

Whilst we think managers can suggest we are uneasy as to the concept of managers being able to retire a fighter.

We will certainly get it so that some fighters can retire at the top and on a win.

However we are interested in player views on managers being able to retire a fighter. There is a thread somewhere on here but good to hear contemporary opinions :slight_smile:

I think it would be good for a manager to suggest retirement to a fighter and the fighter could then retire or say no and keep fighting. I also thin it would be good if a fighter retired young enough a manager could offer him a contract to come out of retirement and the fighter could accept the contract and make a comeback or they could say no and stay retired or they could even ask for more money to come out of retirement.

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from a gameplay stand point, yes it makes sense to have an option to at least try to push them to retire. Its more of an option thats there if you want to use it, for these circumstances

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