Retiring at 100 wins

I’m hanging my gloves up soon I’m 31 years old and I’m currently 80-2 as soon As i hit 100-2 I’m hanging my gloves it’s been a good career and I’ve good some really good boxers I seen Cubans win titles Cuban boxes are something different they are just built different and Amazing so after that said I’m retiring I’m a few years

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Nice work @Daniel_Jarvis

Very impressive work.

Amazing record.

It does highlight however a minor gripe I have with the game - fighters fight too often: either boxers should have a down time after fights where a new booking won’t be considered, or build up times to fights should get longer as the ranking gets higher.

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Thanks for the comment on this.

We spent a lot of time (a couple of years back tweaking this) to get the balance right for playability factors as the more realistic time between fights was pissing players off. We do however agree that there should be lengthier gaps albeit marginally so on average.

Thanks for all comments on things BM related. Each of these comments help us to continually improve the game for all players.

The problem with these types of records is it’s incredibly easy to manipulate the game and just hold onto the WBO belt and fight the easiest challengers. (A bit like Calzaghe for the most part but I won’t go there :joy:)

When the fighters stats screen eventually comes it would be nice if it mentioned how many undisputed and unification fights the boxer has had. Then we can see how good the records really are.


Brilliant. :slight_smile:
Need to add a Slapping attribute as well then whilst we’re talking things Calzaghe… :slight_smile:

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With the new weight change update this will be along sooner rather than later. Just trying to get it right before we unleash it on the world. :smiley:


Look forward to it :sunglasses: