Ridiculous fight fee demands

Thought I’d ask this as it’s been bothering me. What is going on with these ridiculous fight fee demands from my champions? I will have fighters becoming undisputed champions and it’s time to renew the contract and suddenly they demand over 50 times more than in their previous contract. Why should I be losing money by doing well in the game? Makes no sense to me.

Here are two examples.

Without the context of the fighters in question it’s hard to comment further.

Can you send screenshots of the fighters? They look high but clearly the long term deals are potentially reasonable if the fighter is as good as the numbers suggest. We assume the fighter has just stacked up on titles…?

Don’t see how they are reasonable considering I will lose millions per fight. Both undisputed at the time yes. Here they are nonetheless.

Assuming you sign the top guy to the six fight deal that almost nets c.$150m+ for the whole deal don’t see how that isn’t a fair profit…

There is plenty of topic on this forum around how to deal with this. Did he just become undisputed?

Signing the fighter’s contracts at the “right” time is one of the key elements in succeeding in the game.

I don’t know what it is I’m missing here. His estimated fight fee is about half of what he wants to get paid for each. What happens if he should lose? Doesn’t his estimated fight fee go down considerably while he still expects to get paid 9 mil for each fight. I will look for the threads you mentioned to see what I can learn.

As far as I can see, the only way I am going to make a profit for certain is to sign the fighter to a long term deal before challenging for the title, basically cheating him (assuming I win of course).

You will start making huge profits (like every contract in the game) at just under the halfway stage of a contract.

Look at it the fighter’s perspective…. That might explain why they’re asking for what they are. How much did they get last fight against profit? If you make the right fights for them then even with these demands you will make a lot of money. A LOT!

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I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the contract terms. Once you get sponsorship money and all other added bits you will make money. Got an example here for you. On paper I should be losing 7mill per fight.

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Yes, I have had time now to see how the system works and had plenty of title fights. The problem with sponsorship money is you only get that if your fighter wins. Had your fighter lost in your example you would have been set back quite a bit. I also think a 820k profit on a title fight of that calibre isn´t really that much. I´ve read they are revamping the contract system to percentages anyway now which sounds way better. Thanks for chiming in!

We are looking at ways of making this a game option or slowly adding it in some ways. We need to change it to make the most of some of the bigger new things we’re doing around game and fight/show economy over coming period.

I agree 800k is not the best but he had 4 remaining fights on contract. Think next fight I made £7m then £9m fight after.

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I must admit, I preferred it when the contract used to automatically adjust according to the situation.

In my current game I lost £8m when I forgot to offer a new contract after my undisputed champ moved up weight and fought for just 1 belt. It’s pretty much wiped all my money as he is my only champ. My own fault so I can’t complain. But I can see new players getting tripped up by that.