Ridiculous How Champs Can’t Make a Fight

Come on admins. It’s ridiculous that once you get the satisfaction and joy of winning a world title, especially an undisputed title—that you can’t make a damn fight for your champ with all these qualifiers.

Everybody wants to fight the champ. If there are no top contenders available, the champ’s manager should be able to make a fight with a “cream puff.” Many huge underdogs fought for a title in the decades and centuries of boxing.

Sure, the gate won’t be as big, but I shouldn’t have to vacate multiple titles to get my guy a fight. Please change this.

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We have discussed this many time:)
How often in a four belt era have there been undisputed champs?

Well guess what? This is a GAME. And in games that depend on consumer spending and use, the end result is: the consumer should be able to play the game or he’s going to move on. Absolutely ridiculous that the game comes to a standstill as a reward to a fighter who wins a title(s.)

Hell, make it mandatory to defend against an eligible contender when one is available. But if none is, the champ’s management team should be able to make a fight against a top forty or so ranked-fighter. Is that so unreasonable?

My last undisputed champ—RNG and the four orgs—just got pissed. I vacated two titles. STILL no opponent. So not wanting to take a chance on him terminating the contract, I moved him up a weight class. Fortunately I bought the weight class add so he’s only taking a half-step from Fly to Super-Fly.

But yeah, you guessed it. NOW he has to wait up to four weeks to get a ranking which means he could still sue for breach of contract. I say again, ridiculous.

Navigating one of your fighters to a world championship where he unites the belts should be a happy time—not a study in frustration. There is nothing more frustrating than tapping the org buttons and yep—nothing but blanks.

Admin, are you listening? I have spent money on this game. Don’t make me regret that and leave.

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This is your opinion mate, but some of us disagree with it. I personally think that having all belts undisputed would ruin the game. that is what would happen it these rules were not in place. I like it the way it currently works. It makes the game world more realistic. You just need to drop a belt or 2 to get a fight.

Iron Mike is the game creator by the way. So your discussing it with the right guy.

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Good. Glad to know it. I don’t hesitate to express my opinions on games I spend money on. So glad to know I’m going all the way to the top.

Trick here is to look at the ranking and the fighters before vacating belts. Work out which fighter don’t have fights already made then you won’t have a problem making a fight. I have played this game for a few years now and never had a fighter terminate his contract.