Ring Generalship

So I had a fight with this fighter and my guys attributes were better in each category except in ring generalship the other guys was better by like 1 and my guys gets his ass kicked no matter what strategy I used so should I focus on just developing his ring generalship and is it possible to beat somebody with a higher generalship if so how would I beat them.

Can only speak for myself but Ring Generalship is always the stat I look to improve the most and as quickly as possible. It does seem to be one of the most important stats. You want it to be 15 at the very least imo.

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Same here. Ring Generalship counts for more than anything else when it estimates the win percentage it seems

But if I do go against someone with higher R.G. I look for their weak attributes compared to mine. For example if they have lower stamina, fight inside - this requires good stamina. If they have a weak chin I pile on pressure or look for KO early.
I find another good tactic is going for the body for a few rounds until their stamina is depleted and then change it to jab and move or fight inside.
I also find having a weak chin makes you prone to losing any fight at any time no matter how well it is going for you. I guess that’s pretty realistic. I will never sign someone with a really weak chin or low R.G.

There is another thread of the Win Estimate % somewhere in this forum…

In short it works (as an extremely rough guide) using only the RG rating as an input. There is no simulation etc involved in the calculation.

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