Road to Billionaire Boxing manager

I’m closing in.

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I’m at like 490,000,000

I’m at a little over 800 mil now. But my journey to 1 billion has slowed down. My main cash cow, and my og first signed fighters time at the top has sadly passed by. He’s a 3 time undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion. And held the WBC belt a further 3 times. But having recently lost that belt. My new, young Light Heavyweight who held the 3 other belts in the division decided to take the fight with the guy who beat him and unify the division.

But my OG fighter, just wants far too much money to be fighting for anything other than world titles. His final fight on his contract is gonna cost lose me 18 to 20 mil as things stand. And he wants me to double his fight fee to negotiate any more fights with me. It’s gonna be a sad day to see him go but it is what it is.

OG fighter:

The new kid on the block:

Part of me wants to vacate one of the belts just to try and have Lee Volau another go at it. I’ve used his last few fights to try and get him a European title fight as his final fight for me, but that’s not came despite his ranking.

We did it boys and girls

I made it

I touched a b as a manager and one of my old fighters did too