Same stable fights

Fairly new to the game so still learning the ropes, but one thing I’d like to see included moving forward is the ability to have more trainers in each gym, so you then have the potential to have ‘in-stable’ fights.
I have numerous fighters in the same weight class and it is holding up the possibility of having an undisputed champion☹️
Apart from that, absolutely loving the game so far!

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You can have in-stable fights. They just need to be in different gyms.

It’s been chatted about loads but I would like the ability to move fighters to another gym, so you can have these match ups.

Sorry yeah I should’ve been more specific, I’ve just built my second gym but as you say without the ability to move them to another gym its not happening lol, I’ve got some big money fights to make in-stable!

You used to be able to match fighters within the same gym but it was removed due to how unrealistic it is irl. I wouldn’t be surprised if the function to move between gyms is added at some stage.

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