Save game files in next version

A heads up as we care about this as much as the next players do.

In the next version of the game whilst not requiring players to make a new game, the best way to take advantage of the new game world features is to make a new world.

We have gone to the nth degree/ends of the world to ensure that 07 save games work with 08 but there may be some weirdness in game world consistency that the sheer number of changes in this new version mean that we or others haven’t spotted.

We do however think that making a new game world is well worth the effort and challenge. Otherwise, don’'t update until you can’t resist…:wink:

Can somebody please let me know if you lose your old game if you start a new game? I don’t want to overwrite my current game which was started when the game Version was 1.00. I am up to date with 1.00.08 but I would like to start a new game without losing my current game.

I am a little confused about that aspect of the saved game.

You can only have one at a time mate, best to do is to start a new game with the same game world if you want to keep certain fighters etc I guess