Scheduling Matches

when you try and schedule a match, you will have an opponent not interested or you can schedule the match. However, there are also several fighters when you go through the list of available opponents to fight, there is not a message at all. Why is that the case because you are not able to schedule a match with those opponents.

Also, there are a few cases specifically with newer fighters way down in the rankings or a champion at the top that will not have any available opponents or they all are either blank or not interested. For a few of these fighters, you will be unable to schedule a match for several weeks,

Finally, I have a case where I signed a boxer from Nigeria but there is not a trainer available. I have had this boxer signed for over a year and still no available trainers. Not sure what to do but I think the future update that has at least two trainers for every country will fix that.

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I have the same issue as this really annoying problem hope it’s fixed in the next update …whenever that maybe?

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