Seeing all belts you won

I would love for the game to say if your a undisputed lightweight champion and featherweight undisputed champion

Photo shows what it says now just undisputed at that weight your in I did conquer both weights with my fighter.
Would also like it to say if your a x2 world champion for example Evander Holyfield was a x5 Heavyweight champion would like to see that added what people think :thinking:

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Yeah Iv suggested this before. Even just another line that would say something like 3 weight champion etc. However if you wanted all the individual belts etc listed it would obviously need to be on another screen as there is limited space there.

As TT says there is a space issue here not least as we have to accommodate small SE screens and big iPhone screens in same product :slight_smile:
As part of the regional titles work we are currently looking at this text field and making it as usuable and clear.

When we’re working with bigger screens like laptops then this isn’t a problem and we’ll be showing insanely more amounts of information…:slight_smile:


Yeah I see where you are coming from I just would like a way to see it maybe have a screen to click on like belt page or something like TT said might be the only solution

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