Showing the effects of fighter's ageing

As ever we’re looking at game balance and one thing that never comes up in conversation much here is around fighter ageing.

This is probably because it’s in the game but not made apparent in a fighter’s attributes. We apply (negative) modifications on a fighter’s age and record prior to a fight but they do not actually ever get shown or indicated in a fighter’s attributes.

We are looking at showing the decline in attributes by age (as we do when there is a defeat) and generally beefing up fighter retirements (also to include retiring on a win). The game is far too lenient on older fighters and we want to make it more realistic.

As ever we love to hear the discussion or any thoughts players may have.


Possibly cap a fighters age to around 46 or something? I see 53 year old fighters that are contenders which is not real world like.

I’m not sure how it works but I think there should be a (probably hidden) peak age stat. Which should vary with each boxer. As it’s really an individual thing. Tyson and Lewis are the best example I can think of. Tysons peak was his early 20s, Lewis probably early 30s.

So someone with Tysons stats should deteriorate a lot earlier than someone with Lewis’s stats.