Shows manual update 1


Show types

There are at present two types of show - Showcase and main events.


  • Best way to start game.

  • Use to create cheap shows for unknown fighters

  • Lower costs for fight

  • Located in company HQ city.

  • Fixed ticket price according to country of show.

Main event

  • No upper limit to ticket price

  • Higher costs

  • Can be located in company HQ or hometown of main event fighter.


A fighter’s Follower number is one of the most important in the game. The number of followers a fighter has are dependent on a number of factors.

First and foremost is there reputation as a fighter. In addition to this there is who they are as a person, the prestige of their career/belts, and in particular each fighter’s Charisma attribute, their underlying personality type (introvert or extrovert).

Over the course of the fighter’s career these factors develop into a number of followers and it is the number of followers that drive both ticket and tv views and sales for that fighter.

The more followers the more potential revenues are possible when creating shows.

Ticket pricing

Ticket prices for fights are expressed in terms of an average ticket price. There is no theoretical upper limit of a ticket price but average figures over $500 should be considered as high.

Ticket pricing for fights is automatically calculated by the game world according to the type of show and/or the quality of the fights.

Ticket prices for show cases are fixed irrespective of the bill of boxing. There is a fixed ticket price for each country in the game according to that country’s economy and boxing interest.


There are a range of real venues in the game as well as game generated venues.

When a city/town has a venue in the real world that will be shown otherwise a range of game generated venues will be automatically created.

Each venue has a capacity which in turn corresponds to a wholesale seat fee for hiring that venue.

To operate a financially successful show a player must book venues whose ticket price and capacity is sufficient, together with the average ticket price, for the show gate revenues to match the show costs.

Venue size and prestige has a significant effect on show costs. For example, stewarding and security costs or greater ring walk expenses in bigger venues.

Adding fights

Fights are added to the bill from the main show dashboard.

Fights are added to the bill in sequential order, ie the main event is the first fight added to the bill. The last fight being the opening preliminary fight on the night.

Note: Fights can be added to a bill up to one month before the start of a show. After that time fights cannot be added


At the heart of shows is a show engine that manages both cost and revenues for shows at a detailed level.

Show costs

Every aspect of a show’s operational costs is calculated in Ringside.

These costs are displayed from the Finances menu option. It is vital to understand where these costs come from and which can be managed by the player.

Many costs such as insurance, medical arrangements, refereeing and judging bills are built into running a show.

However, fighter purses and travel costs (very important in early game) can be managed when creating fights and before making the mega money fights keeping these costs down is vital for game success.

Show revenues


TV revenues create a small additional revenue source when running small shows and become the primary source of income when creating the biggest shows in the sport.

TV revenues are subject to a show having a minimum number of fights on the card. When the card size is considered of sufficient size to broadcast the game will inform you of this and the show will be broadcast and revenues accrued accordingly.

TV revenues are calculated on the night of the show and breakdown as below.

Free to web

  • Promoter receives all revenues

Any network show type

  • Promoter receives cut of revenues (40%,) network (60%)

PPV any type.

  • Gross revenues split (network: 10%, provider: 45%, promotion/show: 45%).

  • Costs then paid by promotion/show split.

  • Promoter receiving 20% of net profit. (Rest to boxers and other parties/co-promoters)

Fight night

On the week of the show you’ll be taken to the fight night screen. From there you can view the fights sequently on the card, from first on the bill through to the final fight of the night or main event.

Fights in shows can be run in two ways.

Auto fight - the fight result is generated as usual but without commentary and the result is instantly shown

Watch fight - you view the fight in the usual Boxing Manager way.

A summary of the show finances and TV view is displayed as well as the fight card fights and the results from the night as they happen.


  • Book small venues until you find a genuine headliner.

  • Fill the card as early as possible. Don’t mess up and have too few fights on the card. Ticket sales, tv revenues and your future reputation will suffer.

  • Ticket price is everything. The better the fight the higher the ticket price.

  • Only book big expensive venues when you have a ticket price to cover it.

  • Don’t overbook a venue unless you know it will sell. Empty halls have a bad atmosphere and count against future sales of similar shows.

  • Book national or regional opponents where possible.

  • We will be adding additional revenue streams for shows and the sponsorship module to also provide revenue opportunities/cost savings.

  • Make sure you have sufficient fights on the card for the tv revenue to kick in.


First off thank you for giving us the opportunity to play the new version. Y’all know I had to go ahead and get the 3 months sub lol. This is a great breakdown because I had A LOT of questions. Now I only have a few lol.

  1. Am I only able to make 1 showcase/fight card at a time? does this mean once I start a fight card I can only add fights to that card?
  2. Am I still responsible for making fights for my fighters? As in I won’t receive fight offers from cpu generated showcases/cards?
  3. I also peeped the new ability to approach fighters that self promote which is amazing but so far I’m confused on the negotiation part of that. It may have been a small glitch but nothing was coming up for me when I tried to negotiate. It was blank or 0’s everywhere


I’ll update the show document with the answers but

1/ one show per week. as many shows as you want however.
2/ yes at present although the other promoters offering and being more involved is envisaged as is the reverse of that with fights with two non managed fighters also being possible.
3/ we will take a look at that. at present all that is different is the approach not the contract piece.

Glad you like it.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: