Sign fighter list query

Hi, I’ve just started using the game again after a few months off and since I’ve started playing again I’ve noticed that I can’t sign any top level fighters or good skilled prospects, I have over 5000 fights and all top level gyms, the only thing I’ve noticed is that on a certain page it says my gyms have local reputation when they are all maxed out, if any body couldchelp it would be appreciated


Thanks for your post.

Could you show us a couple of the individual gyms in question? Not sure what’s happening here but you’re clearly a player who knows the game so we will assume there’s an issue hidden in here somewhere.

And welcome to the community. We value players of your ability.

Iron Mike

Can any of your gyms sign rookies from other country’s yet? If you havent played for a long time and not on sandbox mode then they did make it harder to sign good established boxers a few updates ago?

Hi, thank you, yeah here’s some pictures of all my gyms,

Yeah they can sign rookies from other countries, but never the rookies with good skill levels it seems, like I can see them their in the ranking but I can’t sign them.

These are the highest ranking fighters I can sign

Looking at them and they are about right.

It depends on many factors but given the quality of your gym and the fact that the higher ranked fighters are rarely available this looks fair enough from our perspective.

We have had many debates on the forum about signing established fighters in this way rather than building up guys for scratch.

It’s a balance at the moment and we can see here that there’s some “ok” fighters in there with regional champs available to sign etc.

However, we will be looking at this closely as we change the way the fighter contracts work.


Fighters you can sign look about level with mine. Never really look at fighters who are established. Normally just ones who haven’t fought yet. In my current game I seem to go months with out chance to sign anyone decent then I get quite a few in short time.
Also if there’s no one coming through and hard to keep interested I do a restart. Really enjoy first 3-4 years of game.