Signing previous fighters

Had a fighter since his debut and fought nearly 70 fights and forgot to sign a new contract and now lost him, I’d like to be able to sign fighters back you’ve already had

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That happened to me as well once but he was still in his first contract and unfortunate circumstances led to me losing a very promising prospect

All we can do is have the game tell you. The fighter is pissed off at you for not re-signing him hence refusing to sign…:slight_smile:

Yup, happened to me a lot…I sometimes get them on the way back down though

It will often happen when your fighter loses and he only has 1 fight left. That’s a reason I tend to offer a new contract with 2 fights to go (if I can afford to). But hey irl if a boxer has left you, would he really sign a new contract with you? Seems normal you wouldn’t be able to resign him.