Slow downloading

I love this game but loading after a fight or something it take to long and why do the fighters get cut so fast

I think it’s very much dependant on what phone you are using. It’s pretty fast on the newer models.

I’ve got an iPhone 14 pro. When it comes to loading with new rankings can take 8 minutes to load but I think it’s because my Database now is HUUUUUUUGE you don’t wanna know how far in the save I am now :joy::joy:

Eight mins seems somewhat excessive. How many lightweights are in your game…?

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The lowest ranked lightweight is 704

If I hadn’t sat there and timed it like a weirdo I would have said the same lol

Hmm… What week/date you on?

We have to solve this.

July 7th 2131… please don’t judge me

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Ah…. Far out…. Ok.

Let’s consider that for a few moments.

Cool it still (just about works)

The tables must be HUGE :slight_smile:

We have simulated up to 1000 years and know what can happen.

We need an archive feature to resolve this. Let us consider this.

Yeah I assumed it must be because of how far I had gone into the save that’s why I don’t really consider it a bug. I was thinking maybe the data would need to be stored on a server (which would require online functionality to play) so that would ruin the game. Or as you said to archive the Data maybe after every 50 years? I’ve seen it pick hall of fame fighters from over 50 years ago which brought me to the conclusion that it must be going through every fighter from the start of my game which understandably would take a while

You don’t want to know what it was like before you guys released that loading time boost patch.

We know what it was like and staggered ourselves with the level of speed improvement.

That said still clearly lots to do and we are doing this as part of this version update which is coming in soon ish. :slight_smile: This update itself requires us to make some huge performance improvements in order to do what we are attempting :):slight_smile:

That’s great I’ll be looking forward to it!

Btw I think I should just mention this in here. I’ve started a software developer job recently for a big company. Never worked in this field before so they are currently training me up for 18 months as well. I don’t mind helping out once I have a bit more knowledge. Would love to give back to a game that’s kept me entertained for so long!

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