So…. Fury v Chisora

Looks like this will be Fury’s next fight. Thoughts? Looks to me like a ‘keep busy’ fight before the winner of AJ v Usyk. And will sell out a decent arena. Still kind of pointless though. Would rather see him fight one of the up and coming guys like Joyce or Dubois (assuming he is after an all UK fight).

You could have ended it at “sell out” lol. What a joke fight for the #1 heavyweight in the world. The other option right now is Hafthor Bjornsson. He should be fighting more legit competition. As the WBC champ, he could at least fight a highly rated WBC fighter. Right now, the top fighter not already tied up in a contest (outside of Wilder) is Frank Sanchez. Even that is a step below what Fury should be fighting, but he’s levels above Chisora.

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Just awful. One assumes this is a joke. Unfunny but still hopefully a joke…

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I think the idea is an all UK fight in the UK. Especially if Fury is banned from the US. Like I say I think Joyce or Dubois would be more credible if that’s the plan.

One thing I will say is that he has always said he wants to fight Chisora again. And as weird as it may be for those outside the UK, Chisora sells tickets. His record is awful but he comes for a fight which people like. Still, it’s pointless as you can’t really give Del Boy any hope here.

I get the Uk thing given that it’s clear he’s not going to the US any time soon/again…

Surely he can do a mini world tour taking on the best of the rest… Junior Fa etc etc…

I just saw him in Iceland calling out Thor! Hey he might just be winding everyone up eh. Who knows!

Is it sad that Francis Ngannou is somehow the best option right now? Lol

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Todays update, retired again :joy:


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Yeah I’m not buying it. Honestly it just seems like he’s trying to keep his name in the boxing media until he announces a unification fight against Usyk/Joshua winner.

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Love the guy but this is all now bullshit.


Aye he is just playing with the media eh. Retired or not, I find it hard to believe he doesn’t fight AJ at some stage.

While we may all think he is the best. Truth is he still needs to beat AJ and Usyk to be confirmed best of the era.


Spot on there. Definitely much more needed before he can retire.

I dunno about both AJ and Usyk. If AJ loses to Usyk, Fury should fight Usyk. I think he could retire as this eras top dog after beating Usyk. AJ will need a fight or two to reestablish himself as a worthy opponent. Losing 3 of 4 isn’t top contender material. Joshua will probably have to fight Hrgovic/Zhang winner, and maybe trilogy Ruiz Jr if he beats Ortiz. Wilder is another option but less likely imo.

If AJ wins the Usyk rematch, he needs to fight both.

I hear you man, but personally I think Fury v AJ has to happen. Fury been winding AJ up pretty much since he has been a pro. That fight is absolutely massive whether AJ wins or not. Want to see him fight both obv. But hey he is retired now so it’s all moot :grinning:

Oh I agree that for money it’ll be one of the biggest fights of all time. And it would be a hell of a bout to watch. Just saying that it probably won’t be necessary legacy-wise should AJ lose to Usyk a second time.

I’d much rather see Fury fight Usyk. Fury vs AJ isn’t very interesting in my opinion - I think Fury wins that without much of a problem.

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I really don’t think Fury has much issue with Usyk. Fingers crossed it happens though.

I might have said the same about AJ verse Ruiz and AJ verse Usyk 5 years ago - that AJ wouldn’t have a big problem.

I wonder if Usyk is fast and agile enough to beat Fury on points.

Wilder (admittedly a bigger puncher) did put Fury down with a body shot. Could Usyk get some success there?

You have to remember, as much as he is mocked Wilder is one of the hardest punchers in history. I don’t see how Usyk could catch Fury like that with his much smaller stature. Upper cuts in the inside possibly, but Fury is a great inside fighter.

It’s a hugely intriguing fight though.

And yeah there is the body. Wilder went for that fist cpl of rounds and Fury adjusted though.

Personally I could see fury just jabbing his head off. Could well be a boring fight.