Some clarity on when you sign boxers for your gym

I hope the images went through. Just for clarity, I’m just curious- when you sign new fighters for your gym, what are the requirements to sign world champion level boxers to at least top 10-20, and undefeated boxers such as those 10-0’s etc? As the picture shows I’ve had over a thousand wins, I have undisputed world champions, etc. However I still haven’t cracked the barrier to sign the best fighters. And it can sometimes change like the best I’ve seen on my current save was 30th ish ranked fighters, atm it’s only like top 80 at best I can sign, in addition in terms of undefeated fighters I’ve only ever seen 2-0’s that I can sign. So, I was just wondering how does it work signing the best fighters, as in the old updates it was quite easy, however I simply cannot on this save. Thanks.

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I would quite like to be able to sign some undefeated prospects that are about 10-0 rather than just being able to sign 2-0 fighters or fighters comping off losses

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Definitely, especially if you play a lot of the game.

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I do see where there coming from in saying it makes the game to easy if you can sign the very best fighters but it would be good to be able to sign some undefeated prospects with about 10-15 fights

I get what you’re saying - but I feel the game would be a lot more realistic if you’re one of the leading promoters signing the leading fighters and like in the real world the leading promoters sign the leading fighters

We will look at this. Again it’s about balance. If the game was just a promoter game then we would agree. That’s it more than that and some weird hybrid of boxing promoter/manager/trainer means that this tends to one world view.


I think the balance is good how it is. I thought that if you started game in sandbox mode then it was easier to sign established boxers.

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Yeah it would be nice to have the option of an easier game mode/additions which make the game easier and where you can just have fun as a leading boxing manager as this is really a game that can be played in many ways

I might be completely wrong but when you start a new game there was 2 options. Sandbox mode is one and am sure on that when you start your gyms better known so you can get better boxers from start, and sign better boxers when gyms established. When I first got game I used it to get hang of game before playing properly.

I don’t think it needs changed in the main game. It’s possibly too easy as it is.

Totally agree with adjusting the easy mode so you can sign more boxers though.


Yes, big risk the game becomes way too easy.


I guess in a simplified way, you could allow for signing the superstars, but with the wages to match - so you would only really get your return on investment if the superstar fighter goes on an undefeated streak and unifies etc.

I should be able to think of real world examples but can’t at this point…

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Would be cool if you could declare interest in a fighter though and then potentially sign them if they react well and start to like you as a manager. Kind of like how Eddie Hearn poached billy joe from frank warren. He was either a world champ at the time or had been I can’t remember but you see what I’m saying.

Hey mate,

I guess I have a two part answer.

  1. regarding the qualities I look for. I usually look straight at ring control, chin and development. Then I look at power & accuracy. If they aren’t green in those first 3 areas though, I pass.

  2. I think they like the game to be a little harder. Earlier games you could sign top ranked guys, well higher ranked guys, and it does make it easier. I would have just my fighters fighting each other for the title.
    However, if you watch the title fights. You can find fighters who have either just lost their title, or lost a title shot. They can drop down the rankings pretty fast after a big loss. So I have picked up some really good fighters coming off of a bad loss, and brought them back up to CHAMP status.

Hope that helps :man_shrugging:t2:.


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