Some ideas for new updates!

Hi guys, not sure if all this has been said before, so if it has just ignore!

Big fan on the last title, and think what you’ve done with this one is really good progress, making layout better and the mechanics. What id personally like to see is the following.

1.) PPV and gate Statistics. It would be great to see the exact number of gate numbers you pull (Seeing both the actual attendance and gate income) With a fighter, and if you can see the price In the countries that you decide to sell the PPV in, but leading into number 2

2.) venue management. You as the promoter manage the venue and create the whole fight card. It would be great to have a range of venues to use, from small halls (like York hall) to arenas (thr Manchester arena) to huge stadiums (like Wembley stadium or the etihad stadium), with you having to negotiate the prices to hire out the venues and how much you take from beverage sales.

3.) fighter promotion. Would be great to have more in involvement of boosting the name of the fighter, and maybe the fighter has a different game level for different areas around the world (if he fought in the UK and the start of his career he’s well know and sells well on PPV, but it takes longer to build their profile in other areas of the world. This can lead to customising maybe how much you charge, and makes it important to build the card.

4.) fighter sponsorship control. Be able to work with fighters to sign sponsors.

The game is fantastic! Keep doing what your doing


Ignore a player’s ideas even if it has been said before! No way :slight_smile:
That simply means you’ve hit a popular set of requests that players want.
We’re just coming out (hopefully) of our launch phase. Once that’s done it’ll be feature bump time :slight_smile:

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Look forward to it :grin: thanks for the message. Seems like a really active And collaborative community to be apart of

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