Some ideas I thought about

Hey everyone I just wanted to share some thoughts/ideas I had about this game. I first off want to say I love this game so much and have waited FOREVER to get a good boxing simulator. I think the last good boxing sim I played was title bout boxing so its great to see something amazing happening.

The things I enjoy:
I love fighter development and the fact that theres hundreds of fighters in each weight division to help build your boxers.

Debuts are always happening which I think its great in keeping the game world alive and fresh.

Fighter growth is so much fun to watch, I currently have a boxer whos 64-4-1 and as won belts from welterweight -middleweight, and another one whose won belts unified from straweight to super bantam.

Once you win the world titles and defend them, you get a ton of boxers coming to your gym. I love going down the long list and choosing the best thing.

The game fight simulating is fun to watch.

Recovery time/fight time/match making is a very fun thing to calculate. Being able to choose fights and see how many weeks they are and the outcomes to your injured fighter makes the game more realistic.

What I think the game could use:
Fight cards are a must, theres so many exciting fights happening in the game world i feel like adding the fight cards would help, even if the ai just generates the fight cards based off of a set of criteria

Weight class changes need to be a little better, I would love to have some young fighters go up or down to see how they fair. I would like also like to see the AI take advantage of changing weight going up and down between divisions. if someone changes their weight later in their career it could drastically affect their skills.

Clickable-misc things. When I go to my fighters profile for example, if I click on his weight class it should bring me to the rankings screen. Fighter tabs with career earnings, which belts they’ve won (including title defenses) and any other achievements such as hall of fame.

Tournaments. When I vacate my undisputed belt and go up, the game auto awards the belts to other fights (or at least thats what ive seen in my current game) I think it would be nice to have the AI generate tournaments for vacate belts and know to have other belts fought between the top 1 and 3 (if 1 or 2 isnt avail) for the belts arent in a tournament.

The Ring title. I feel like 4 belts is great a lot, however something just feels off not having that beautiful ring championship belt.

I think the new update does something with retirements, however in general i feel like it could use some work.

Holding belts and fighting at other weight classes. Im not sure if this is possible, but we do see it in real life. I think it would be cool to have my champion go up a weight class and fight for another belt while holding the division’s belts below him. (not sure if this would hold up th game or create problems)

Mods. Mods. Mods. This one will be huge if possible. Imagine an historic mod where you start in 1960 and you take a young Cassius Clay and work his career to the top? Ive seen these with wrestling and MMA games before. The amount of historical great mods for this game could be mind blowing.

Fantasy options? If the going up and down in weight isn’t realistic, maybe have it as an option to toggle on off? If people dont like a 5th belt maybe have it as an option as well ? (if a 5th belt is even being discussed) Team mates fighting each other toggle on/off.

If there’s anything else ill respond :slight_smile: just some ideas I had for the game. I seriously love playing this game so much, its addicting lol


Great list of stuff and we can tell that you aren’t going to be disappointed in 2022. :slight_smile: Just a question with much of this stuff in what order.

We’re glad you’re enjoying the game as much as we love thinking about and making it.

Thats great news! I can’t wait for what the future has for us :slight_smile:

A couple other things I forgot to mention are amateur boxers and Olympic boxers. I think in the achievements section a boxer could have either… or both. This could auto label them as a high level prospect and give me a good boost in their starting skills.

Intercontental Belt/International? Not sure how ppl as a whole feel about this one lol. I know in general there’s too many belts, but I would love an international type of belts between people who are 1 in their respected region s but cant get a world title fight

Nice list. I particularly like the option of playing careers for iconic fighters, although I’m sure that’s costly for licensing.

Im not sure how the creators would do this honestly. I just know in other forums I see that the fans can edit databases and upload them themselves for everyone to use for free. Not sure how this fairs in this game, I think it would be nice to have the ability to edit whole databases and create your own from scratch. If the creators make an expansion with historical fighters based off the time period that would be pretty amazing as well (if the licensing thing isnt a huge deal.) Imagine having a database with hundreds of fighters and theyre all based off of real life lol. I would love to do a boxing from the 30’s -40’s and simulate it to current life with historical fighters making their debuts in the coming years.


Licensing can be complex and in boxing the fact that it has to be done fighter by fighter is hard. However, old ones and dead ones presents no problem from a legal perspective.

Majority of this has been requested before but some good stuff here.

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