Some questions about manager IP?

How is manager IP accumulated?

I don’t think there is a page in the game where I can see it? I only see it when I have no potential left but enough XP to increase an attribute.

The box below says “use XP to boost”. Shouldn’t that say “use IP to boost potential”?

Does this make the game to easy? It seems that it’s not hard to make most stats green if you start off with a fighter with some decent stats. So, you can win a belt easily. If there was no IP and when the potential is gone, then it would be more challenging. Maybe an ‘easy’ mode could include this, but normal games do not.

This is an interesting one. We kept it in and awaited feedback as we felt our experience and proper feedback was inconclusive.

It’s the last remnant of a previous idea that we ruled out as the wrong direction.

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I see. So maybe you will have a new system later?

Possibly. Not exactly top of the list at the moment. More game balancing and game world detail first :slight_smile: