Some suggestions for future versions

Just wanted to chime in with some suggestions for future versions.

I think more varied commentary is needed. Including text of different combination punches would be a good start and make the fights more interesting I should think.

When a title is vacated right now the belt goes to the highest ranked contender who doesn’t have a fight scheduled. They are basically gifted the belt. Better to have a fight arranged between the two highest available contenders (and if such a fight is already scheduled prior to the vacancy, then the winner of that fight would obviously become champion). If your fighter was suitable you could perhaps get an offer to fight for the title.

More rigid rankings within the top ten of a sanctioning body (and especially the top five). Your fighters top ranking should not be overtaken so easily by someone else just because he hasn’t fought for 4-8 weeks. If my fighter is #1 for example I would expect him to stay that way despite him not fighting for a while (maybe these things will be sorted with mandatory fights and such). Basically, to get within the top ten, you should have to beat someone in the top ten. Rarely does someone drop down the rankings at the top unless he loses. It’s frustrating right now to drop from the #1 spot because you’re waiting for the right time to challenge the champ.

Anyway, these are just some suggestions I have.


Some good suggestions I think.

With the rankings point, it’s interesting to compare the game with what happens in real life. Think about Dillion Whyte. RE: Fury and Wilder 1, Fury got a title shot after quite a long period of inactivity. In contrast I think Whyte has been very active, but hasn’t had his chance yet.

I think it’s a difficult task to create a realistic boxing manager game with regards to rankings and belts, because the reality is not always logical or clear.

Cool thread and thanks for the suggestions.

More love to the fight screens and commentary is definitely needed. We know that people like to rush through these screens but there is so much happening that we can definitely make it more entertaining not to rush through the fights :wink:

Think Iv mentioned it before but I would like the commentary jazzed up a bit for title fights.

“Winner by unanimous decision…. And the NEW…… heavyweight champion of the world…. “

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In fairness I only asked for about a year :joy:. Best change you ever made to the game in my opinion lol.

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