Something I would like to see added to the game

I would love to see perks an the game to make fighters feel different.

For example someone who has knockout power could have a perk like heavy hands


This is something iv thought about as well. Though I’m in 2 minds if it would be a good thing or not.

Huge right hand like Wilder for example. Imagine the complaints on here if someone’s with terrible stats but had a Wilder signature punch knocked out their champ.

I’m thinking it would need to be very rare.

Hopefully others chip in with their opinion…


A good idea. I guess my challenge would be how would the perk system make the game behave much differently than it is does currently with the Boxer Styles and the way attributes already are applied. If it were in the game, I agree with TartanTornado they would have to be very rare otherwise it would be unnecessary clutter added to boxers.

I think perks would have to be earned. Like if someone was a “Knockout Artist” they earned that because over a 10 fight stretch they KO’d (not TKO) 4-5 opponents or whatever the criteria is. Once they have the badge maybe its effect is “Opponent’s Canvas rating decreased by 50%”. The boxer would also be expected to maintain the badge thresholds as well over the next 10 fights.

I think it’s a great way to add variety especially once your fighter is higher in ranks and everyone blends together, but it definitely has to be tightly applied

I think I’d rather just add more fighter ratings, maybe including different punches, over fighter perks. Like mentioned above, I feel like perks that boost stats would be difficult to limit to just the top end fighters, and too many guys having the perks would make the game a bit ridiculous, I think.

Adding more ratings would add more differences between fighters. You could also gameplan for fights based on those ratings.

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I like this also. It would be cool to see Jab/Uppercut/Hook/Cross attributes. I feel like these could be weaved into the current fighter style and match strategies more seamlessly, and also the play by play commentary, and would add more nuance to matchups and fighters.

I like these ideas but when does game stop being boxing manager and becomes boxing coach?

Fair enough. It is something that I think would be fun but, as you said, is removed from the ‘manager’ responsibilities as found in-game

I aren’t 100% against changes like that. I just wouldn’t want it so every fight you had set tactics and have to change strategy during fight to win. As game is you can win fights by good match making and training. I very rarely change from natural boxing style. As someone once said on here. Could you imagine anyone listening to Eddie Hearn telling a fighter what to do during a fight?

Yeah I’m with you on that one mate. I don’t adjust tactics as it just seems a strange thing to do when you are not the coach. Some love that side of the game though, which I totally get. I like that it’s a choice and you can get by without doing it.

To be honest, if anything the game is more Boxing Promotor than manager now anyway. And I suspect the new update will move further into that world (putting on cards etc). Which is even further away from setting tactics etc. I think the idea is that when your play the game you are the Promotor/manager/coach etc and do all the different parts. But that’s just not how I like to play it and I know others are the same. I like just being a less sleazy Eddie Hearn :joy:

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Who told you that nonsense t.t your like Eddie hearns creepy uncle. :joy::joy:

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You just made me spit out my Irn Bru there :rofl: :rofl:

Fair point for sure. But at the same time it would be completely optional and you could just let it ride with default strategy (just like you can currently). Football Manager is probably the most renown sports sim and the beauty of it is you can go as deep or shallow as you want with tactics and match day, and let CPU handle what you don’t want to handle.

One way the dev could help with this, is providing a function to auto-sim the fights (honestly shocked this isn’t an option already), or have trainer handle in-game tactics (set to CPU), so you can just sit back and watch. Easily fixes that concern.

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Cool thread:)

The perks idea is interesting but something probably for further down the line given the scale of changes we’re working on.

The point is well made about creating a game that has the depth but allows plays to go in as shallow or deeply into each area. That is one thing that we’re very mindful about when it comes to the promoter aspect. @TartanTornado is spot on when he says the game (as has happened in real life) is increasing about promoting rather than managing. Much the same way as when I worked on CM2 and 3 the job of a football manager was entirely different to that as portrayed in FM23 etc etc.

The new show stuff is intended that it’s as realistic and complex a model as you could hope to see but also if you don’t want to get that involved the ai takes care of it. What is taking the time in building fight shows is exactly that but with bells on :slight_smile: We won’t spoil it by describing more but we think it’s quite cool how it’s shaping up.

@Class_Viceroy - Auto fights are a part of it btw but again we won’t share how all this hangs together but we’ve held that back for the shows feature.

Anyway. I could go on but with get back to coding it for the moment. :slight_smile: