Something must be done

(Its a new fighter so the stats are relatively low, and the opponent is way worse) I have 19 power 13 Chin 12 On the canvas 45% Tko 53% Energy; my opponent has 12 Power 5 Chin 1 On the Canvas 83% Tko 0% Energy. How am I dominating the whole fight then get dropped and lose without getting up, but when I dropped him he got up smh. I have higher punching accuracy & ring generalship and pretty much every other stat. Like its so frustrating. I’ve played many different games (worlds) so Im pretty experienced and get the complete gist of the game. Theres been times one of my fighters had a 20 chin and got KO’d by someone w 5 Power, it’s ridiculous. Times I’ve gotten a draw while outlanding my opponent 30+ punches and having the advantage in ‘Control of Fight’. I get it makes it feel like my fighter got “robbed” and thats fine I can live w it. But that first scenario is so frustrating.

Great game I love every part of it but things like that makes the game unplayable sometimes.