Squashing Gym Beefs?

Hi All,

Just a quick question regarding Gym beefs.

I like the fact that fighters can like/dislike each other. But I feel these are now pointless, considering fighters from the same gym can no longer fight each other?.

I have 5 fights in the top 10 (at WW), and it had kind of backlogged the weight division.

Cheers, love the game


Yeah I think the ability to move boxers between gyms is needed.


Yes that’s fair enough. Albeit with the consequence of changing trainer and location. Love the idea of sending guys “over” to train in US gyms.

Yeah switching gym would be a good option. Or even a “trade” option between “sister-gyms”.

And it’s hard to get a title shot, so if a fighter works his way up, he should get a shot, regardless of the gym. I want to know who the baddest man in every weight class is haha.

I think it would be nice if it was a ‘suggest gym move’ option. They boxer may not want to. But if he doesn’t get on with his stable mates then he would be more inclined to move.