Stable attractiveness

I thought it was something like this. Do you always go for fights where the other fighter is better in the rankings? Or do you just go with who ever is best? As I know some above your in the rankings can be as you just stated above.

I did have a save earlier which I have now got rid off due to this one, but I had a guy high up in the rankings. And when I looked for a fight noticed he was world champion without even fighting for a title and I couldn’t find why he had it. Not sure if this is a bug or it just happens.

It all depends really. Ideally you will always go against the highest rank boxer you can so you climb the rankings quicker. But I will normally not match my boxer up against someone much better than him. So really just the highest ranked boxer I think he will beat.

It’s likely an undisputed boxer dropped a title and your boxer became champ as he was no 1 in the rankings (or the highest ranked without a fight planned). The 3 titles have different eligibility for challenging for the belt. If no one is meeting all 3, then they will vacate a belt. You will probably need to do this later in the game as well.

Yeah I normally go with the best percentage and rarely looked at the stats. But I’ll start looking more closely now. Fingers crossed I get a title soon.

Yeah that makes sense about the belts. I have to get there first though haha. Going to stick with the 3 boxers I have at the minute for as long as possible and upgrade slowly.

Really enjoying the game and it’s getting very addictive :blush:

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Post how you get on. My bet is your heavyweight will be champion within 20 fights…

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Will do. And fingers crossed.

Thanks for buying the game and glad you’re enjoying it so far. We have some very cool things coming up soon for iOS and more…

So I played on from last night and managed to get each of my boxers to world champion status. One of them became a world champion with 2 belts then I managed to gain all 3 with that boxer. Managed to get my H as a world champion and you were 3 fights off. He did it in 23 fights.

Each have lost a few fights though. It’s normally losing in the first round where I can’t do nothing about it. I’ll post some pictures of all 3 and then my stats for the game so far.


Told you :grin:. Glad it worked out. You will be noticing you are getting offered a lot better rookies now as well.

I would move your light Heavyweight up to heavyweight and try to win one of the other belts. Then you can have a huge in house heavyweight unification. Big money!

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