Stable attractiveness

Hi guys,

I’m new to the game and have recently downloaded it. Was just wondering if there’s any good tips out there for starting off in a new gym. I’ve upgraded the size of my gym and can now sign 6 fighters (already have 4) when I click on sign it’s saying my stable is unattractive. How do you improve the attractiveness of your stable?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

It will improve as you win more fights and have champions.

Thank you. I’ll give it a go thanks

Do you ever get a higher reputation than local reputation?

No. However I haven’t won any titles yet. I’ve had 3 title shots but all lost. My gym is state of the art too. But not sure if my trainer is good enough or whether the training plan is wrong before going into fights.

How often do you set a fighter up for a fight once they have just had a fight? Straight away or do you wait a number of weeks?

You can set up fights right away. The fights you are offered seem to match up with recovery time.

However the ranking tables update every 4 weeks. I tend to wait until they have updated, you will then be offered better fights as your ranking is higher. You can progress quicker that way.

I honestly don’t think the gym attractiveness makes a huge difference. Once you win a title you start to get offered a lot better rookie boxers.

My reputation is currently Local and Iv been offered world class boxers. You just need to win that first title really.

I’ll keep trying. Everytime I get close I always lose. Could be strategy I’m not sure.

Try to get your boxers ring generalship as high as possible. And avoid signing boxers with low chin stats. Other stats are important but these 2 are key for me.

I normally go with high stats for chin and punch power. Especially if there LH or H. Will have a look at ring generalship.

Does this stat just make the fighter control the ring more?

Seems like I don’t produce good boxers in the uk. I bought a gym in Mexico and the boxers coming through there are a lot better than the ones in the uk. I’ll see how that works out.

Ring Generalship is absolute key. It is that stat that mostly drives the fight odds. You can win a world title without high power, but it is very rare to win one with poor ring generalship. That will be where you are going wrong.

There is a reason Ring Generalship takes up more potential points than any other stat.

Ahh ok. Thanks for your help.

I just need to sign some fighters with those stats and give it a try. Just upgraded my UK gym and already better fighters are coming through.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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The game is only really difficult if none of your original 3 boxers is good enough to win a title. When starting a new game and you pick your boxers, you want one with good skills in green (can’t remember what it says but it’s the top stat). In my experience you will only get offered one or two (if your lucky) good enough boxers coming through until you win that first title. Once you do, you end up getting offered more than your gym can handle.

And of course you can cheat and keep restarting the game until you get a boxer your happy with. It’s important to know what stats are key though. Your winning nothing with poor ring generalship.

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Never a truer word said. You have to pick the best available at the start otherwise the uphill curve is usually too exhausting…

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Ok so I’m taking your advice and I’m starting from scratch. I’ve picked the best 3 (hopefully) at the start. All 3 have very high stat for ring generalship. All have a decent chin too. I’ll post them on here.

I’m new to the game so I’m still learning a fair bit. So thank you for the advice. It’s much appreciated. I normally just play football manager but I came across this and thought I’d give it a go. I’ve been hooked the last few days.

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All 3 of those look like potential champions. Those are great starting boxers. Use your potential points wisely, 2 of them need their defence improving. Match them up wisely and you can’t fail with those 3.

Personally I always try to get the RG upto 20 so I would do that with the heavyweight and then use any remaining on his chin. He has amazing stats by the way. His low cut stats mean he is less likely to spend time out with cuts. Meaning he will likely progress fast. Be amazed if he is not a champion.

No probs for the advice. It’s a great wee game once you figure out what’s what. I’m also a football manager man, but I play it a lot less these days due to this game.

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Spot on mate cheers.

Another quick question as I’ve seen it mentioned a fair bit in the comments about matching up your boxers carefully. How do you mean by that?

Like for example my H has an average chin, is it best to avoid big punchers or does this not matter? Just unsure what people mean when they say to match carefully. I normally match them with the guy at the top or fight someone who is above me in the rankings.

And I normally play football manager on mobile not computer so it’s kind of like this and it passes some time when stuck in the house haha.

Yeah that’s exactly what I mean with match carefully. With those stats your boxers will be favourites in most fights. But avoid those guys with 20 power. They can cause a big upset and knock you out with one punch. It’s not common but it happens. Also stay away from boxers where you may be the favourite, but most of their stats are better than yours. Kinda common sense stuff really.