Stopping a fight

In light of the recently Cinnamon/BJS finish, is there any plans to be able to stop the fight as a corner man? Say your fighter has a suspected broken jaw in the second round…Would you let him fight on and risk more damage, potentially a longer injury layoff and a risk of reoccurrence, or could you have the option to end the fight and have a lower recovery time.

I think this would be a nice feature, if it could be done.

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We have looked at it and couldn’t quite get a version we liked that took out most instances of abuse…

Definitely one to come round to when we cycle through and update the fight screens again at some point.


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Might work well if punishment taken has an impact on the boxer’s ability / motivation to continue their career.

Maybe some injuries could result in permanent and significant decreases in stats or even forced retirement? Then the player might feel a need to throw in the towel to protect the fighter.

If this refers to betting - I think betting on your own fighters could be banned.

!!! :slight_smile:
That’s one of my favourite bits…

Might make it difficult to have a throw in the towel option if you can also bet on your own fighters losing.

Is that allowed in real life - betting on your own fighters? I’d guess there is a rule of some sort preventing that?

I think having a throw in the towel option is better than being able to bet on your own fighters - especially if there are big consequences of not throwing in the towel, when punishment is severe. It would
be a good way to help preserve your boxer’s career and prevent life changing deterioration in the stats.

Maybe only have the throwing in the towel as an option with a severe cut or broken bone? As it’s random, that wouldn’t be open for abuse?

This is another of those cool discussions. There are a few complications in how we would do it. End of the round easy, during a round less so. :slight_smile: Maybe one for the PC version.

I think if you’re fighters damage is at about 80% in the fight then you should get the option to throw in the towel or pull him out at the end of the round

Some kind of throw in the towel action would be a good addition. Save those precious chin stats.

What if there was a rule added that if you threw in the towel you automatically lose your bet? Or even better, turn it into a real life scenario… if you throw in the towel while you have a bet on, there is the risk that you could be caught for match fixing and hit with a big fine and your boxer banned.

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Interesting idea. If the object of the game is to make money (as it may be for some), then I think players will still throw in the towel to win the bet.

How about the possible consequence is ‘game over’ - banned from the sport. That makes the risk of betting on your own fighter an interesting, and much more dangerous risk for those who like that way of playing.

Mmm, I like that as well. I never use the bet function so wouldn’t affect me either way.

Talking of bans. Iv also pondered whether having random (very rare) drug bans should be included. It’s a big part of boxing. Perhaps more likely on a boxer with high dirty and low dedication and intelligence stats.

The whole “personal” side of things will be cool. The only reason it’s not there was because of the possibility of having “real” fighters in the game and that would obviously be VERY UNCOOL were that to appear on a “real” fighter! : ) And it would suck to have some fighters with that and others somehow exempt.

Also suspensions for KO loss will appear soon we think as well as extended suspensions for fighters after multiple KOs and possibly licence removal/retirement.


Ha I can imagine that upsetting a lot of people right enough.

Ah good stuff re the suspension for a knockout. There is a great interview online with the famous journeyman Van Poetsch. Key for the journeyman is to get beat but avoid being knocked out, so they can keep working every other week. In 124 defeats he has only been knocked out 10 times. That takes a lot of skill. Totally of topic :joy: