Successful Fight Tactics?

Do you leave the fighters to fight their own styles or do you have tried and trusted tactics that you use consistently?

It’s situational for me. If I have a good chin and they are average or below punchers, I’ll go straight for the body. If I have no chin I tend to jab and move a lot at first.

Jab and move + smother inside = a slugger’s nightmare.

I honestly think the fight strategies can make a tangible difference. I just wish that difference was more pronounced.

I could just be biased because every time I leave the boxer to their own devices they get punked every time lol.

I tend to leave them to there own mostly. Sometimes make a change for a title fight. But once you have loads of boxers I find it a bit of a pain to look into all the fights. Before you have a title fight, decent match making is usually enough I find.

Huge fan (assuming I’ve got the matchmaking right) of Pile on the Pressure. Huge fan. :slight_smile:

I choose jab and move for every fighter and it’s stood me well

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I hope everyone noted this… :joy::joy: won so many dodgy fights after this tip from the creator of the game